Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Hate Brats!!!!

fuck this! i hate the fact that you know how to push my buttons. i try and try to be the bigger person, and act uninterested. that i don't give a fuck. but FUCK!! you're so fucking irritating! i try to be nice with you. and you shoot me down. 7adda mo kafo. ana il bint el kalb elly i try to change things between us and try to be civil with each other. and time and time again you prove to be not worth it. uuugh!! i hate the fact that this pisses me off! now you're in the other room laughing like nothing happened. you just don't care...

and they wonder why i'm always angry at you. they don't know how you treat me. you act so innocent. no wonder they're always on your side. and i'm the one who's fighting them off of me.
this shouldn't be pissing me off!!!

FUCK!!!! i just asked for a little favor. to open the freaking wire-less internet. and he promised. and after that he demanded that he would only open it if i don't use it. wtf? i would have done it myself if i knew how! well sure enough i did after 15 minutes.. and believe me it was worth almost being electrocuted.

god that venting did nothing of helping getting that load off.. if anything it made me more pissed...

god i hate brats

Sunday, June 10, 2007

For Now

i've been feeling like a stranger in my own skin. i've been smiling honestly less and faking it more than i ever did in my life.
i've never felt like such a fake before. i've been a fake to my own blog, and the only reason i made it is for it to become an outlet, a place to vent. and now i can't do that here...

i'll probably be back before you know it. you won't ever realize i'm gone :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Funny Video Of The Month :P

i know the quality sucks. but it's worth the trouble. all you have to do is listen to it and try to watch and maybe give a little giggle. cause if you didn't, then there would be no point in searching for some videos that aren't even funny...

anyway i know i posted 2 but i couldn't decide which one, so i thought "what the hell, i'll put both of them"

i can't believe how funny it is. and i also can't believe i watched this as a kid and not caught the meaning... *sigh* shows how naive children are... or at least i was... whatever

p.s i got finals so i won't be posting anything for a while... i'll be back on the 12th. wish me luck (i definitely need it)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Another Day With Me And My Sister

  • Moi: "Wow misa'a has everything, doesn't she?" (she's the singer who keeps shimmying)
    Kambi: "Except her virginity.."

  • Moi: "She is so hott.. she's almost perfect"
    Moi: "There's gotta be something wrong with her.."
    Kambi: "Like what?"
    Moi: "I don't know.. She's boring..?"
    Kambi: "Who cares? She's hot!"
    Moi: "Ax murderer?"
    Kambi: "I got it!!! She has a temper!"
    Moi: "Yes!!!.....i'd still wanna be her.. :/"
    Kambi: "Yeah me too :("

  • Kambi is sitting on the bed looking at a ring box.... Kambi stares at Moi and decides to hit me in the face with it... it nicks me (although she says it barely touched me- how would she know?!):
    Moi: "333AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" (it didn't even hurt)
    Kambi: "Uh-huh uh-huh" while it6ig irgiba

  • We have a dream (in a Martin Luther King voice) that one day!! we would have a lion as a pet!! and we would name him!!!! SIMBAAAAAAA *raawr*
    and we made up all these situations:
  1. We would be all over him and talk baby talk: "Thas ma booooy yeah thas ma babyyyy.." and he would be all happy and cuuuute (keep in mind he is HUGE!! and scary looking- he's a frickin lion for petes sake)

  2. We would order Hardeez or any other delivery resteraunt and they'd be waiting outside with the food and out of no where "Simba" would want to play with him. And the delivery dude wouldn't know that and he would piss his pants or faint and we'd be like: "Not again... Simba what did you just do?! Go inside the house. No food for you!" And he would go with his tail between his legs...

    Obviously we are very disturbed and have very big imaginations...
  • For the past 6 months we've been searching and looking for a program that would put the videos on YouTube on our iPods. we found this program called VisualHub (which I recommend) and we bought it.. so we tested it.. and hello! it works!!
    we were droppin it and poppin it and breakin it and everything.. I almost made out with my sister then and there!! I was so happy that I kept telling her how awesome she is and how perfect, smart and how hott she was that she found it... I still get this huge grin when I think how if it wasn't for her, my iPod wouldn't be full from it... *sigh* I luuurve her :P

  • Kambi: "OY!!"
    Moi: "RUSSEL!!!"
    we do it because we can... and we got it from here

  • Kambi: "Is dhere vai6ing least?" (in Russian accent)
    Translation: is there a waiting list? talking to 'waiting list person' at T.G.I Fridays on a Thursday night
    Moi: "Hahahahahahaha... oh sorry it's not funny.." (in a British accent)

  • Moi reading a jokes book at virgin along time ago:
    Moi: "What does a giraffe eat at a bar?"
    Kambi: "What?"
    Moi: "Black cherries.."
    *long pause*
    Both: "Hawhawhawhawhawhawhaw!" (in a fake pompous laugh)
    We still don't get it.... help us understand??

  • Mon Pere: "Thi3faw!! Shmitinkom!" on a side note: we're not really fat.. we're just curvy (in a good way)
    Kambi: "Excuse me! curves are in! am I right?!"
    Moi: "Oh yeah! gimme some baby"
    We high five each other while mon pere just kept on watching T.V

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Not Different, I'm Just Weird

ok so here are a few moments in my life that i will never forget in all my life (even though i wish i could with some of em) but i'm afraid that maybe i will.. and i don't want to... and these moments always puts a smile on my face and make me laugh.. here it goes:

situation #1:
time: last weekend.

me and my cousin were out and we were bored to death. so she tells me that there's this road that's all bumpy and stuff and we would have fun going there while driving fast (i know what you're thinking.. seriously? a bumpy road? is she high? don't worry i thought the same thing) so i said ok.. we didn't have anything to do.. it turns out it's the parking lot for johnny carinos :/ anyway we had a blast i must say..

ok imagine this: you're going 90 miles per hour on a little street that's all bumpy or whatever and that's the only form of entertainment that you can get on a thursday night? well it was the best idea my cousin ever had!!!

ok another thing to imagine: you're on a date with your girl/boyfriend at johnny corinos parking lot and you see a car flying by with 2 girls in it with their hands up in the air and then come to a screeching halt at the exit, come back and unknowingly park next to your car and eat McDonald's ice cream while laughing hysterically... what would be going through your mind? (this actually happened btw)

situation #2:
time: same thing.

so were looking for the bumpy road.. and my cousin doesn't know where it is.. so we get into every turn we see.. so we turn into the boat club or something right?
10 minutes later... we're still in the boat clubs' parking lot!! we were fucking lost!! in a fucking parking lot!! (i swear alot don't i?) we had to call her sister (who doesn't know jack shit about kuwait.. she doesn't even know where their jam3iya is..ok maybe i'm exaggerating..but she really ma itdil shay) and ask for directions on where the fucking exit was (she wasn't any help.. she kept making us go into circles... that bitch..we should have known) anyway we were there for another 5 minutes until we found it... it was really stupid.. LOOOL!!

situation #3:
time: hehehehehehehehe yeah ok we'll just skip this one k?

my brother had promised me to get me some kk.. and i was craving it like crazy.. so i went to look for him, so i asked my sister who was on the couch watching t.v.. she said she didn't know.
this is what i said:
"that fucking bitch... amma cut off his dick and shove it in his ass when i see him!"
i hear something behind me and when i turn to see who it is.. it turns out to be my parents!
i turn around to look at my sister and this is exactly how i looked like and i swear i'm not exaggerating!

i stayed in my room for 2 days and i didn't make eye contact with them for 4...

situation #4:
time: errr meh..

i was in the living room watching tv with my sister when i hear my pink panther ringtone go off.. so i get up and run to my room to answer it. and on the way there i hit the table. HARD! i kept going not realizing that i hit a table. i answer the phone and it's my cousin (i know what you're thinking.. her cousin again? which one?) it's the one i got lost in the parking lot with. anyway. so we're talking and i'm sitting with my sister and she's watching tv.. and when my cousin is in the middle of the sentence... this is what happened:
cousin: "yeah so blah blah blah and then we could..."
my sister jumps from her seat and my cousin is speechless.
cousin: "what? what's wrong?"
sister: :shfeech?"
both of them: "what?!"
turns out i just felt the pain from when i hit the table.. and it hurt like hell!!! i had this big ass bruise on my hip.. and i'm just feeling the pain.. i guess my body was in shock.. when i think about it.. it's funny as hell

situation #5:
time: 2-3 weeks ago... i think.. :D

we're all having lunch. my brother sneezes..
moi: "7amdilla"
brother: "yir7amch allah"
moi: "yahdeena o yahdee..." i look at my brother
moi: "did you sneeze or did i sneeze?"
brother: "i think i did..."
moi: "3ayal laish gilt yir7amch allah??"
brother: "laish giltay 7amdilla??"
moi: "touche' "
my parents didn't let me forget about it for a week...

hmmmm.. what else? what else? what else?? i can't remember... anyway when i do i'll post about it..

Monday, May 21, 2007

We Not Only Live In A Cage, We Built The Cage, And Live In A Corner Of It

Sitting against the headboard on her bed, she stared at the blank paper leaning against her bent legs, and still she stared. She lifted her pencil to write a sentence, but when she was about to write it down, she paused. It wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t good at all.

She sighed and lifted her head and stared at the ceiling, as if she could find whatever inspiration she wanted written on it.

After not finding anything embedded in the ceiling she eyed the piece of paper and started drawing a perfect square in its corner.

As she finished coloring the insides of the square, a flicker of light shines in the corner of her mind. Finally she has found something she could work on! She starts concentrating on that light, willing it to grow stronger. A smile appears on her face as she holds the pencil firmly and starts creating a person as well a family.

She keeps on writing, keeps on creating memories and everything else. She has created the perfect life. The perfect world, where it only exists in the readers mind, where he can only see it behind his eyes.

She stops writing and lifts her hand to re-read her newest creation. And she decides she likes it. She closes her notebook and goes to the kitchen to have a snack. She always gets hungry after writing.

After writing what you just read. I stood and wondered if I was just a character in someone else’s story; if I’m just a bunch of words that’s formed this person that’s writing this post. I had just created a person with ambitions and dreams, who lives in a world that I had also created with these words and I can’t help but wonder if I’m the same thing. Have you ever wondered about that?

As I sit here and ponder some more I start to hear my mother telling me to stop living in my own world and start living in the real world.

As I walk to the door and look back. I can’t see the words that are on the computer screen, but I can easily see the perfect world that's in it, and I can’t help but wish to live in that world.